About Our Team

Our mission – to acquaint the client with one of the most powerful sales channels : SEO – Organic Search. Without a powerful SEO, if you have the most beautiful website in the world but without visitors, this is useless to be present online. 

We provide full packages of services based on our past 4 years of experiences. We know what’s working and what’s not. We have ranked more than 100,000 words on page 1 and 2 on google for our customers and this number keeps growing !

We do mostly manual work and we use only white hats methods.

Niels Dale

Founder, Passionate about IT, Sales & Marketing for many years now, my expertise goes from working for multinational companies to smaller organizations in Brand & Sales Development in/off-field and boosting their online presence.

Lead generation and getting traffic via multiple ways is the Key to sustaining your business and increasing your sales. We are using multiple tools to help you achieve your sales & marketing goals.

Veronica N.

Veronica has a serious attitude when it comes to creating and delivering outstanding digital experience by creating attractive content and acting as a loyal Community Manager. She is the Queen of Social Networks!

Hong-Bao F.

Hong-Bao has creativity without borders when it comes to create outstanding videos and Ads copies. He is mastering a large panel of photo and video software to bring you content standing out from your competitors.

Designing is in its genes, he will make your website shining beyond your expectations.

Darrel P.

Darrel is our Mark Zuckerberg, he likes coding and customizing, breaking code errors and fixing bugs. He is our Tech guy and always brings joy at work when he is not in front of his screen, which is not happening that often!

Wanna work with us?

Ask us for a quote or just send us a simple message explaining what is your website business goals and the timeline to achieve, we will come to you with a quote and a the best suited cost effective timeline and budget for your business,